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Floating Cork Key Ring / Floating Cork Key Chain


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This cork keyring is suitable for those who use keys on or around water.  The two solid 35mm cork balls provides a high amount of buoyancy - enough to safely float 4 keys. It also makes it easier to locate missing keys - it's a big lump to lose...
Cork is lightweight and waterproof, it floats and does not burn. This floating cork key ring / floating cork keychain is not only functional but also provides ultimate comfort, softer feel and wellness due to the natural characteristics of this eco product. Complete with flecked rope and chrome plated ring clip. This product is naturally resistant to liquids and easy to wipe clean. Perfect for everyday use. Made of 100% fine grain cork this cork key ring is a great gift idea for water lovers. Add character and style to your keys with our Cork Key Rings and Cork Keychains available in different shapes and sizes.

Material: Agglomerated Natural Cork / Natural Cork Grain
2x35mm diameter
Weight: Aprox. 20g
Made in: European Union (EU)
Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth