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Cork Yoga Wedge


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This cork yoga wedge helps you go deeper into the stretch and maintain alignment. This versatile prop can be used under your heels when squatting, under your wrists during downward dog and other poses that put excessive pressure on your joints. The wedge is ideal for balance training, improving coordination, and overall posture stability. Get the most out of your stretch with this cork yoga wedge. With very smooth surfaces for added comfort and extra traction.  Cork is strong and non slip and will not distort under bodyweight or damage floors or toes. Made from natural cork, this cork yoga wedge  is biodegradable and recyclable. Cork yoga wedges are eco-friendly as no trees are cut down in the production of cork, because only the cork bark is removed and it regrows.


Suitable for: Supportsing, stabalising and aligning the body in asanas
Material: Agglomerated Natural Cork
Approximate Dimensions: Length: 600mm (20.25") x Width: 90 mm (3.5") x Height: 30 mm (1.5")
Weight: Aprox. 225 g
Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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