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Wood Top Flanged Natural Corks for Wine & Homebrew



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Wood Topped Bottle Natural Corks for Wine & Homebrew - T Corks are an economical solution in assuring good sealing for short term wine bottling or for bottling liqueurs, spirits and fortified wines which are ready for immediate consumption. The main examples are Whisky, Vodka, Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy, Liquors, Port Wines, Sherry and Madeira Wines. Wood Bottle Natural Corks or T-Corks are very practical for barmen and consumers, allowing easy reuse - an important factor for bottles whose contents are not consumed at one time. High premium grade natural corks are processed to achieve super white finish for use with wine, oils and most spirits. Wood Topped Bottle Natural Corks with 18.5mm fit most wine bottles, many spirit bottles and similar openings.

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Suggested for: Wine, liqueurs, spirits and fortified wines for immediate consumption
Fits: 750ml Standard Wine Bottles
Material: Natural Cork and wood
Cork Diameter: 18,5 mm
Cork Lenght: 22 mm
Total Length: 36 mm
Cap Diameter: 33 mm

Made in: European Union (EU)