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Technical Cork Stoppers - Twin Cork 39-23.5mm



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Technical Cork Stoppers - Twin Cork 39-23.5mm is a technical cork stopper that comprises an agglomerated body and a disc of natural cork at each end. Technical Cork Stoppers - Twin Cork meets the winemakers' highest demands while retaining all the benefits of a natural cork stopper in terms of sustainability. It is ideal for fruity wines and recommended for bottled wines which are consumed within a period of two to three years. The Twin Top® cork has shown an excellent performance in the cork comparative test developed by AWRI – Australian Wine Research Institute and in the permeability to oxygen analysis carried out by the University of Bordeaux 2.
It can be used on the same bottling lines as natural cork stoppers and it is especially suited for high-speed bottling lines. Technical Cork Stoppers - Twin Cork are a new generation of specialised cork stoppers. These corks are developed with cutting edge technology and have an extremely competitive price. All corks are TCA treated, carefully handled and ready for bottling. For large orders we provide S02 packaging.

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Suggested for: Wine storage of up to 36 months
Fits: 750ml Standard Wine Bottles
Material: Natural+Agglomerated Cork
Lenght: 39mm (1-3/4")
Diameter: 23,5mm - #9
Made in: European Union (EU)