Cork Sprit offers the price list with the product/service on the info menu and the automated subscription mail. After confirming the payment, we will proceed to the shipment of the requested product and mail you back confirming the shipment.


Payment Methods

We accept payment thru Paypal, Visa and bank transfers. The products will be shipped as soon as the payment has been confirmed and validated. In order to validate your payment we will need you to identify your self when e-mailing us with the payment proof.



All information supplied regarding the subscription of any part, must be true and undoubted. Cork Spirit reserves the right to refuse your request if your information is not accurate and or complete.
Your information will only be available to our technicians and personal sales, safeguarding your privacy with the utmost secrecy. By no means will this information be provided to others with the purpose of abusive advertising. This information will only be provided to others if there is a judicial matter or any other that is in accordance to the law.


Satisfaction Policy

To insure our Satisfaction Policy, you have the right to request information to analyze the part physically, by visiting our shop where you can see, test (to a limit that we consider acceptable) and check if it pleases you. After that, no returns will be accepted on any parts.


All the topics mentioned in this document may be change without any notice, and is even possible, to supplement this document with new topics and rules whenever we feel necessary.