Why Cork

Cork trees grow with zero inputs: no pesticides, no irrigation, and no pruning are required. The harvesting of cork does not harm the tree. in fact, no trees are cut down during the harvesting process. Only the bark is extracted, and a new layer of cork regrows, making it a renewable resource. Cork grows in the Mediterranean region and its culture extends to countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco, Italy, Algeria and Tunisia. In Portugal, which is the number one country for cork production, cork harvesting is highly regulated by the government. Trees aren't harvested until 25 years of age, and then only every 9 years. The oak trees can last hundreds of years! The extraction method is completely safe for the tree and its surface doesn’t suffer any type of damage.

Cork is a material 100% natural, biodegradable, fully renewable and recyclable. Therefore cork is completely environmentally friendly.

The lightness and the soft feel of cork, its ability to absorb physical and acoustic shocks makes it an excellent choice for a large variety of products. Cork is also non-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti bacterial, anti static and fire resistance. Therefore cork provides ultimate comfort, softer feel and wellness.

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