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Cork grain, cork powder, cork dust, cork granules or granulated cork are small particles of cork used for a wide variety of applications such as crafts, hobbies, gardening.

This 3-6mm cork grain is our biggest size. The photo represents this exact size.

Cork grain is used to make pop-up boilies, produce buoyant, critically balanced or reduced density hook baits. Cork is a lightweight natural product and floats realy well. For best results test a small batch with a 50% cork : 50% bait mix, adjusting the amount of cork to obtain the desired boyancy.

In gardening cork grain allows soil to remain loose (aerated) and moist.

Cork grain is ideal for use on wargame tables, railway layouts or for bases of figures or dioramas. It is easily glued down with watered down PVA glue or wall paper paste.

Cork grain simulates realistic terrain (sand, dirt) on movie and theatre sets.

For Militaria cork dust is used for refurbishing hemets to World War Two standards.

Please check our other sizes of cork grain / cork powder.

Material: Natural Cork
Dimensions: 3-6mm
Made in: European Union (EU)